Templates to Make Envelopes

Card and letter sized envelopes

Whether you've run out of envelopes and need one in a hurry or are looking for a special color or design to match a card, it's simple to make your own. Print out these templates and create custom envelopes with virtually any paper.

Free Envelope Templates

The templates below are designed to comply with standard sizing. The one on the left is for 5x7 cards, while the one on the right is standard letter-size. Print them out on 8 1/2 by 11-inch printer paper, or to create a template that you can trace over and over again, opt for cardstock in the same size.

To use, click on the template in the size you want to open the Adobe file, download and print the design.

Assembling Your Envelope

You will need a few supplies to assemble your envelope. You most likely already have these on hand if you are a crafter:

  • Printed template
  • Scissors
  • Specialty paper or printer paper
  • Double-faced tape or glue

What To Do:

  1. Cut out the template on the solid black line and remove the small sections that are labeled "cut."
  2. Trace the template onto specialty paper or plain white paper if desired.
  3. Fold the envelope using the dotted gray lines on the template, folding to the inside of the envelope.
  4. Place a strip of double-faced tape or a thin line of glue on the folded side tabs.
  5. Fold up the bottom section and gently press to the sides to adhere them together. (The bottom section will be the back of the envelope.)
  6. Fold the top section down but do not seal. The top of the card-sized envelope will overlap the bottom to seal, while the letter-sized envelope has a tab to seal it with.
  7. When ready to seal, use double-faced tape or a thin strip of glue to seal the top to the bottom.

Suitable Papers

Choosing the right paper for your envelopes depends on what you want to use them for.

Mailing Envelopes

There are several paper options you can consider when making envelopes to be mailed, such as:

  • Craft stores such as Michael's and Hobby Lobby carry individual sheets of specialty printed and solid colored paper in-store that are suitable for mailing (these are not sold online, however).
  • Quality cover paper or letterhead paper of 70 or 80 pound weight is perfect for any size of mailing envelope.
  • Specialty papers found at scrapbooking websites, such as Paper Wishes, are a good choice for adding a special touch. Look for papers that are solid white on one side and a printed pattern on the other. Fold the envelope with the white side out to make it suitable to mail and have a beautiful surprise on the inside.
  • Solid colored paper found with the scrapbook papers can be used the same way with either side out. If the paper you choose is a dark color or colored on both sides and you plan on mailing it, you will need to write or type the addressee information on a mailing label and affix to the envelope.

Envelopes That Won't Be Mailed

If you're not planning to mail your envelope you can use any of the above papers as well as the following options:

  • Regular 20 pound printer or copier paper is too thin for mailing, but great for making envelopes for kids' party invitations, for example.
  • Cardstock is too heavy for a mailing envelope unless you're willing to pay extra in postage. It's perfect for making envelopes to store things in or for adding to scrapbooks, however.
  • Printed free specialty paper using standard printer paper is a great option for pretty patterns without spending a lot of extra money.

Tips for Sealing and Mailing

Making a permanent seal on envelopes to be mailed is a concern. While school glue or glue sticks are fine for envelopes that will not be mailed, these are typically water-based and could come apart in the mail. Choose a permanent, acid free adhesive such as those used for scrapbooking. Tape runners with double-faced tape are the most efficient with the least amount of mess. They can form to any shape edge with ease and secure a permanent seal that will not come apart in postal machines.

Get Creative With Envelopes

Making your own envelopes is a cost effective way to get creative with not only a card, letter, or invitation, but the container for it as well. Keeping templates on hand will also come in handy if you ever run out of purchased ones.

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