wood craft stick box

Woodcrafts are a lot of fun for older kids. Putting things together (and taking them apart again) seems to fascinate most children, and giving them woodcrafts to work on is a great way to spend a rainy or hot afternoon when they can't go outside to play. Here are some ideas for woodcrafts to share with your kids.

Woodcraft Kits

An easy way to work with wood for most kids is by using woodcraft kits. These kits have very simple pieces that are glued together to make cars, trucks, trains, baby carriages, animals and many other shapes.

Because glue is used instead of nails, these kits are good for kids of all ages who are capable of reading and following directions.

Once the piece has dried it can be decorated with paint, stickers, glitter or anything else the child wants, making it a nice individual craft even though it came out of a box.

Do-It-Yourself Kits

You can take this idea as inspiration and make your own "kit" by going to your favorite craft store and buying an assortment of wood pieces. You can find all sorts of shapes of wood, such as squares and rectangles of different sizes, circles, petal shapes, hearts, stars and the traditional craft sticks.

You can buy a bunch of wood with a particular purpose in mind, or it is much more fun to present the kids with a pile of craft wood and see what they come up with. Again, any decoration they like can be used to embellish the project when it is done.

A fun use for some of these shapes might be to make a decorative ornament for your child's teacher. At some craft stores you can find wood in the shape of schoolhouses and apples. Paint the roof of the schoolhouse with green or black paint and paint the apple red or green.

Paint the schoolhouse red, or use chalkboard paint to make the school into a tiny chalkboard. Glue the apple to the school and write a nice little message on the "chalkboard."

You might also be able to find holiday-themed woodcraft pieces, such as Christmas trees, pumpkins or stars. Make holiday decorations with your kids and come up with something you can use as a "tree" all year long.

Plaques and Boxes

Another fun craft for adults as well as kids is to decorate purchased wooden plaques, boxes or other small wooden items. These woodcrafts can be painted, decoupaged, stamped, drawn on or anything else your children want to do.

A plaque could be made into a nice Grandparent's Day gift. Paint it all one color and decoupage a picture (or a color copy of a picture) in the center. Allow your child to decorate it however he or she wants.

Each child could also make a plaque to hang outside their room. Paint a plain color and write their name on it (or use wooden letters) and let them decorate as they like.

Decorated boxes can make good treasure boxes. Each child can decorate a wooden box at the beginning of the summer and fill it with all the little trinkets, pictures and memorabilia they save through the season. It's a nice way to keep memories without having them take over the house!

Craft Sticks

What article on woodcrafts would be complete without mention of the versatile and cheap craft sticks? Back in the day we used to save popsicle sticks to make crafts out of, but now you can buy craft sticks in different colors and they are very inexpensive.

What can you do with craft sticks? Why not make adorable Fourth of July decorations by making a craft stick flag? Paint some sticks white and some more sticks red (remember, a real flag has 13 stripes, but you can use as many or as few as you want) and use plain sticks and glue to hold them together.

Take a piece of blue construction paper and draw or paint stars on it, then glue that to the flag in the appropriate place. A dowel for a flagpole will make this the perfect addition to your holiday centerpiece.

You can make snowflakes, stars, Christmas ornaments, crosses, boxes, picture frames and a multitude of other things out of craft sticks. There are too many potential projects to list them all, but this site is a great place to start.