Woodcraft Supply

Sure, you can find a little bit of woodcraft supply at your local mega-crafts store. They'll have a few pieces of unfinished wood, maybe a little furniture, the knobs and shapes that might be used by someone making a dollhouse or decorating their own picture frames. But when you need real woodcraft supply, from tools to glues to specialized wood pieces, you need a specialized store, which often means heading to the Internet.


The main exception to that rule is if you live near a WoodCraft store. The company has more than 80 stores across America, as well as a large website, allowing those who don't live nearby to enjoy their large selection of tools, wood and other supplies.

These are also the folks who put out WoodCraft magazine, so you can find all sorts of articles, plans, videos and other resources on the site. They also have a catalog if you prefer to do your browsing offline.

Bear Woods

If you're looking for plain wood shapes, Bear Woods likely has what you're looking for. From apples to bowling pins, angels to cribbage pegs, if it's made of wood, you can find it here.

The store even has plans for making wooden toys, from tractors to forklifts to Hummers, so you can show your kids (or grandkids) that wooden toys are anything but boring. They might even want to help you put them together.


Woodcrafter is another good site for woodcraft supply basics. Featuring all sorts of cutouts, tools and instructions, this site also has a lot of wooden things you might not have thought of.

There are wooden light switch plate covers, candlesticks, boxes, clocks and much more. Other crafty supplies you might want to use in your woodcrafting projects are also available. It's a good one-stop shop for crafters who do not work exclusively in wood.

American Woodcrafters Supply

For those looking for woodcraft supply for furniture making American Woodcrafters Supply is an excellent source. Drawer-pulls, hinges, embossed carvings, spindles and legs can all be found here.

They also have all your basic shapes as well as plugs, dowels, biscuits, popcicle sticks and other necessities.


Another site full of wood working supply items is WoodWorks. This site has all sorts of wooden pieces and craft project items, including things for scrapbooking, kids crafts, even making wooden birds.

The site offers volume discounts and includes a handling fee for orders under $60 (or orders under $100 that are not completed online). The handling fee is more if you order less than $30 worth of goods. This might be a place you want to buy from with a couple of friends to save the handling cost.

Hobby Woods

An amazing source for wood is Hobby Woods. The site sells native hardwood as well as more exotic woods, from bloodwood to ebony, Spanish cedar to lacewood.

The site also has veneers, carving stock, plans, project kits and much more. This site will have you drooling and wishing your budget for woodcraft supply were unlimited!

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Woodcraft Supply