Scrap Quilt Patterns

Quilt Patterns

Scrap quilt patterns are an economical way to create beautiful heirlooms while utilizing material you already have. If you have never heard of a scrap quilt, consider making one today.

Scrap Quilt Definition

A scrap quilt is simply a quilt made with leftover scraps of many different materials and patterns. This could be the remnants from other quilting and sewing projects or even outgrown or dated clothing. A necessity in the early 1800s, scrap quilts are again regaining popularity as many quilters look to recycle and re-purpose remnants.

Scrap Quilt Patterns

Though the possibilities may seem endless, most quilters employ traditional patterns when constructing scrap quilts. This is often due to the numerous patterns and colors used in the quilt. Simple designs will make the material variety visually interesting while still maintaining a strong and obvious design.

Scrap Quilts is an online site that is dedicated to making scrap quilts. There is a step-by-step tutorial with each pattern and several general quilt making instruction links for new quilters. Check out this site if you are unfamiliar with scrap quilting or want free patterns.

Block Quilts

This is the most common type of quilt and scraps are the perfect fabric to use because many of these patterns already call for several different colors or patterns.

  • Checkerboard Basket is, as the name suggests, a checkerboard pattern that uses small squares to create both the basket and items flowing out of the basket. Varying shades of a primary color are used for the basket itself and floral or fruit patterned fabric is often incorporated into the section of the quilt that represents the items in the basket.
  • Crown of Thorns is a traditional pattern that uses triangles to create a diamond on diamond design. Multiple colors are used to create an optical three dimensional effect.
  • Grecian Square is a very simple design that uses triangles and rectangles to create the pattern. Since larger pieces of material are normally used, this pattern is a good one to try if you are a beginner.
  • Providence is a modified Crown of Thorns pattern that uses smaller triangles and some squares to create its diamond shape. This is perfect if your scraps are rather small.
  • Round the Corner is a pattern of mostly alternating patterned squares with triangles used in the corners to create a round look to the pattern. Though the actual quilt is still squared on the ends, two triangles are used in each corner to create the look of a beveled edge.

Final Thoughts

Regardless which of the scrap quilt patterns you use, try your hand at creating a scrap quilt. You will save money by using fabric you already own and also feel good knowing you are making something that, with the proper care, can be enjoyed for many generations.

Scrap Quilt Patterns