Halloween Crafts for Kids

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I don't know a kid who doesn't love Halloween, so making Halloween crafts for kids is a perfect way to get kids interested in crafting. If you ask me, there are three main categories of Halloween crafts for kids: costumes, trick-or-treat bags, and general decorations. Let's take a look at each to give you a little inspiration.

Halloween Costume Crafts

The most fun part of Halloween is getting to pick out your costume, what you want to "be" for that particular evening. Halloween costumes provide lots of opportunities for crafting, as the entire costume can be homemade by the child (if it's simple or the child is older) or by a parent with the help of a child (items that have to be sewn on the sewing machine, for example).

Halloween is a great holiday because it inspires kids to get creative and come up with a costume that no one else is doing. While there are lots of tried-and-true costumes, like Harry Potter, Disney characters, ghosts and princesses, with a little imagination you can come up with some fun costumes that everyone else won't be dressing up in.

To get you started, take a look at Robin's FYI. This site is a treasure-trove of crafty costumes for kids and grownups alike. Some of these I've seen before, like static cling, but others are quite original (a bag of jelly beans, a basket of laundry, rag doll, etc.). If you can't find something here or spin-off an idea into a Halloween costume all your own, I question your creativity.

Another great site is Costume Idea Zone. The name pretty much says it all. This site is dedicated to giving you quick, easy and cheap ideas for Halloween costumes. Of course, you can also search the sites where they sell Halloween costumes for inspiration on ideas you could adapt in a crafty way. Have fun!

Trick-or-Treat Bags

Sure, most people use those plastic pumpkins for Halloween treats, but that's no fun. If you can come up with a bag that makes sense with the costume your child is wearing, that can be really cute (for instance, a scarecrow could carry a regular basket for treats, while a witch or wizard could have a second witches' hat to put candy in).

If there's not an obvious fun solution for your kids to craft, just about anything can be turned into a treat bag. Allow your younger kids to decorate paper grocery sacks to use for their candy, or cut out a jack o'lantern face and line the bag with vellum so the candy won't fall out. Older kids who are learning how to use a sewing machine could make a fabric bag out of some of the great seasonal fabrics available in the fall. Just pick the size you want to make your bag (about the size of a lunch sack or a little bigger) and measure out a rectangle of fabric. Fold it in half, right sides together, and sew the side seams.

If you want to get fancy you can fold the bottom edges into triangles and sew, making a flat bottom. Or just cut a piece of cardboard and slide it into the bottom of the bag when you're finished. Turn the bag right side out and fold over the top edge, sewing it down. Add handles if you like.

You could make a similar bag in a plain fabric and use an iron-on transfer or fabric pens to decorate with holiday drawings.

You can also make candy carriers out of just about any container you've got in the house, from a milk carton to a paint can. Just decorate the outsides and, in the case of a milk or juice carton, cut off part of the top and attach a handle. You could even make a carry cone out of a big piece of construction paper (use lots of staples and tape so it doesn't break).

Halloween Decorations

There are tons of Halloween crafts for kids when it comes to decorating the house. Though it's not really a craft, all kids love putting fake spiderwebs everywhere. Since Halloween is rather ghoulish, some decorated candle holders would help set the mood. Take votive candle holders or small glass containers and paint them with black and orange paint, making designs or just painting the whole container. Use a light layer of paint so when the light shines through it will cast an eerie glow.

Crafts inspired by jack o'lanterns are also a good choice. Cut pumpkins out of construction paper and hang them around the house, or make the real thing out of a pumpkin.

Spiders are another fun craft and very easy to make. They can be cut simply from black construction paper, or use a paper plate painted black for the body and pipe cleaners for the legs. Add a little construction paper head and beady red eyes to complete the project.

Glass jars of candy corn are fun decorations that you can eat. Have the kids decorate the jars with paint, stickers, or anything else they like. Set a row of jars on the table or in the entry way for a cheerful and sweet decoration.

And then there are ghosts. A ghost is easy to make out of a tissue. Use a cotton ball for the head and either twist the tissue or use a bit of pipe cleaner to keep the head in place. For larger ghosts to hang around inside or outside your house, use an old white sheet with a pillow for a head. Paint on a face if you like.

Where there are ghosts, there's probably a graveyard. To make a table-top graveyard, make headstones out of cereal boxes or other small pieces of cardboard you have laying around. Paint them silver, gray or black. For an outdoor grave, try a refrigerator box or a box from some other large appliance. Put a curve at the top of the cardboard, and leave a flap or part of the adjoining side of the box attached to help the gravestone stand up (pile rocks or bricks on top).

Again paint the cardboard, add your epitaph, and, if you've got some extra soil handy, make a mound of dirt for the recently departed.

These projects should give you some inspiration for great Halloween crafts for kids and adults alike. Boo!

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Halloween Crafts for Kids