Free Pattern: Scrappy Flannel Quilt

Flannel quilt

I love all the cute flannel fabrics that are available today, and I wanted to highlight them in my scrappy flannel quilt. When it comes to quick and easy quilt projects, for me, two is a magic number. My easy quilt features two yards of two different fabrics, and this slightly more sophisticated scrappy flannel quilt starts the same way.

Choosing Fabrics for a Scrappy Flannel Quilt

There are so many great flannel fabrics available today that you could make one of these little quilts for everyone you know.

At your local fabric store, you should be able to find a good selection of solid and print flannel fabrics. There are often seasonal and playful patterns that can sometimes even be picked up on sale.

Before you start your scrappy flannel quilt, consider the purpose. Who are you going to give it to or what are you going to use it for? Do you want it to be seasonal or reflect a person's favorite color or an interest they have? With the variety of flannel prints available, you can find the perfect match for your needs if you just do a little searching.


  • two yards flannel fabric, solid
  • two yards flannel fabric, print
  • scissors
  • four yards muslin or batting cut to a two-yard size
  • sewing machine with matching thread
  • needle for hand sewing

I suggest using a plain solid and a print pattern for this scrappy flannel quilt because it makes for a cut patchwork presentation that way, but you can always use two patterns if they don't clash too much, or two solids or stripes. You're the artist; do what you want.


Sewing materials for quilting

Wash and dry all fabric together according to the manufacturer's suggestions (usually found on the bolt of fabric). Iron if necessary and check to see that your two pieces of fabric are still the same size.

If you have really sharp scissors you can stack the two pieces of fabric as you cut so that you will know all your pieces are the same size. Otherwise, you can measure and cut, or just eyeball it and hope for the best.

Fold each piece of fabric in half widthwise and cut in half. Set aside on half of each fabric. Cut squares out of the remaining halves. An easy way to do this is to just continue folding the fabric in half and cutting along the fold. To do this you would fold in half and cut, fold each of those pieces in half and cut again, and fold and cut each of those pieces as well.

You can make the squares as big or as small as you want. To make it look really scrappy, use smaller squares. To get it done more quickly, use larger squares.

Sew the two halves together. This is the back of your quilt. Sew your cut squares together, alternating solid and print fabrics, making a checkerboard pattern, until your quilt top is the same size and shape as your back piece.

If you are using muslin instead of batting inside your quilt, fold the muslin in half so that it is the same size and shape as your quilt. You might want to press it as well. If you are using batting, cut a piece to the size of your quilt.

The easiest way to finish this quilt is without a border. Stack the pieces in the following order: the back of the quilt facing down, the top of the quilt facing up, and the batting or muslin on top. The key is to have the quilt pieces wrong sides together when you sew, so when you turn it inside out to finish it, the right sides will be out and the batting will be inside.

Machine sew three sides of the package. Flip it right side out to make sure that all the seams are cleanly sewn and there is no excess batting hanging out. Turn wrong-side out again, fix any problems and sew about half of the fourth side.

Turn right side out again, being careful to smooth all the edges and turn out the corners well. This is your last opportunity to get it square, so take your time.

Hand sew the hole closed. Finish with decorative machine stitching, or simply stitch "in the ditch," which means sewing along the stitching lines that formed the quilt top.

The scrappy flannel quilt is a great baby quilt or a drag-around-the-house quilt for a toddler. It makes a good lap quilt for one or a cute seasonal throw over the back of your couch. Once you see how easy it is to make, you'll want to make a ton of them!

Free Pattern: Scrappy Flannel Quilt