Foam Stickers Craft Projects

Foam stickers are a wonderful new craft item. I didn't even know foam stickers, also known as foamies) even existed until a couple of months ago, and now my head is filled with ideas for quick, easy and cheap crafts to be made with these foamy, sticky shapes.

What is a Foam Sticker?

Foam stickers are just exactly what they sound like: foam shapes with adhesive attached to the back. You can find them in many shapes and colors, from simple geometrical shapes to numbers and letters, animals and sports equipment to fairy tale castles.

You can also find stickers for themes such as weddings and births, or buy plain foam sheets to cut out any shape you desire. The most economical way to buy foam stickers is by the bucket. You should be able to find large assortments of foam stickers at your favorite chain craft store, or you can buy them online.

I recently bought a large bucket of these stickers, including a package of basic shapes and a pack of numbers and letters, for about $10. Now I'm full of ideas for how to use these nifty little stickers. Here are a bunch.

Foam Sticker Doorknob Tags

You can buy foam pieces cut to fit on a doorknob. Each child can use these stickers to decorate their own doorknob tag to hang on the outside of the door to their room.

They can decorate it in many of the ways suggested below, or simply spell their name in foam and decorate with basic shapes. It's a quick and easy project that lets the kids be creative without getting them messy.

Foam Sticker Picture Frame

For a seriously cheap but good-looking picture frame, choose a picture and cut a piece of cardboard or heavy card stock to a size slightly larger than the picture. Fix the picture to the cardboard by making a border out of foam stickers.

Choose a simple shape such as triangles, circles or hearts to make your border. You could even alternate different colors of triangles to make a diamond pattern.

Scrapbooking with Foam Stickers

Foam is great for scrapbooking, just like any other stickers. Use them as photo borders, to write a title or simply as embellishment on a page.

These stickers add interest and you can't resist touching them. They are acid free so they are safe to use in all your scrapbooking projects.

Make a Card with Foam Stickers

Foam stickers are also great for card making. Use them as you would use any other kind of sticker, or put one on each corner of a card. You could even spell out words with foam letters for a card that is sure to get attention.


Foam designs are a wonderful way to jazz up a plain gift bag. Take a bag of any color, Make a pattern, or just add some here and there.

This is another great craft for the kids because it keeps them occupied and lets them help with the gift "wrapping."

Making Shapes

You don't have to be limited to basic shapes if you want to save money by only buying the basic foam stickers. You can combine shapes to make other shapes.

Some of the most basic ideas could be flowers (add small circles around the outside of a larger circle), a sun (use triangle shapes around a circle, perhaps alternating yellow and orange), a wreath (made up of a bunch of pieces of the same shape overlapping) or insects (make a caterpillar with a string of circles, for instance).

Use your imagination (and let your kids use theirs) to come up with even more ideas. Of course you can also buy foam sticker sheets that allow you to cut out anything you want.


Another great way to use them is to stack a bunch, starting with the largest shape and moving to the smallest. These cute little stacks can be used in place of a bow on a package, on a gift bag, on a picture frame or as part of a three-dimensional collage or other work of art.

Magnets and Message Boards

Stacks of stickers are a great way to add interest to plain magnets, which often come with adhesive backs as well. Just make a stack, stick it to the magnet and use it on your refrigerator. You could even make seasonal magnets to change every few months.

Instead of magnets, you could stick them to clothespins and stick those to magnets. Each family member gets a different shape, or put each person's initial on their pin. Use these to leave messages for other members of the family, tack sports schedules or art to the fridge, or in any other way you want.

Educational Stickers

Finally, you can use foam to teach your kids spelling. Give them a bunch of letters and see how many words they can spell. Or, if you're working on a project that involves spelling a word in stickers, give them the letters and see if they can spell the word correctly. If they get it right, let them place the stickers on the page.

The uses for these stickers are nearly endless. If you haven't tried them, pick up a pack and see if you don't fall in love, too.

Foam Stickers Craft Projects